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Too many married couples drift apart after their honeymoon because they get too busy, don’t know how to resolve arguments, and have a dying sex life.

At the Complete Lover, we help married couples to reconnect, so they enjoy more intimacy, feel more united, and build the marriage of their dreams.

When it comes to your marriage, is it really true that you can enjoy abundant levels of attraction and intimacy simply by changing your daily behaviors?

Here’s the thing… When it comes to living the marriage of your dreams, there are basically three key areas that can hold you back from reaching high levels of satisfaction. And every marriage tends to have a primary relationship bottleneck, which is the #1 thing that’s holding it back.

However, the challenge is this: As a married couple with hundreds of different competing priorities, it can be really difficult to have enough perspective to identify that #1 relationship bottleneck and how to fix it by changing your daily behaviors.

Solving this problem for married Christian couples is what we do at The Complete Lover...

At The Complete Lover, we help you discover the proven methods that will raise your attraction levels, encourage your spouse to show you more respect, and enjoy more passionate sex than you’ve ever had before…

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

✅ Have you struggled to convince your spouse to see things from your point of view…

✅ Have you had heated arguments over the same things again and again without getting any closer to a solution, in fact sometimes making things even worse…

✅ Have you caught yourself looking at another couple and wondering why they look so romantically attracted while you’re barely talking to your spouse…

✅ or have you secretly felt embarrassed because your sex life isn’t what it could be but you don’t know who to turn to for advice…

… then pay close attention, because we can help you.

Life in our fallen world means that as married couples, we’ve got half a dozen different competing priorities in our lives, ranging from money to kids, hobbies and vacations, family commitments, and even church events…

… so it’s difficult to take the time out to figure out exactly what you could be doing differently and identify the #1 biggest point of leverage to focus on that would turn your marriage around.

Simply put: It’s tough to see the big picture when you’re living inside the picture frame.

The real challenge is that when it comes to identifying what’s holding your marriage back, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

You and your spouse are different, and it’s important to respect your individual uniqueness, even if this makes it harder to figure out what needs doing in your marriage.

And once you identify the #1 biggest point of leverage you can take the right steps to solve it, something that we at The Complete Lover will help you to achieve.

But first… if you’re like most new visitors to this site, you’re probably wondering who we are and why you should pay attention to the resources we have to offer you.

We are Chris and Elizabeth Heart, a Christian couple who have been married for 20 years and have faced a multitude of challenges that living in this fallen world has thrown at our relationship.

As a couple, we used to argue frequently and had difficulty reconciling our different views or even simply understanding each other, but we now have daily practices to help us avoid arguments and more quickly resolve differences when they arise. And our married life is so much happier.

You see…

We spent the past 5 years transforming our marriage…

…from a place of emotional turmoil, and a dead bedroom, into a mutually loving relationship where we are emotionally connected and intimately physical.

Five years ago, we actually stopped having sex for more than a year because we had grown emotionally and physically separate.

Not to mention that in our early years of marriage, we had lovemaking sessions that lasted for all of five minutes or less before it was all over!

We didn’t know how to bridge the emotional gap between us, or how to even understand each other’s needs before trying to fulfill them... and we definitely didn’t know how to make love in a way that deepened our marriage.

Then we embarked on a journey of transformation, reading and applying the advice from more than 80 books and courses on marriage, love, faith, conflict, and sex, including both Christian and non-Christian sources.

We learned where to find reliable research-based tools and practices, as well as methods that seem more art than science but that definitely yield results.

Our marriage is now one in which we can mutually support each other to actually understand our differing needs without frequent over-the-top emotional meltdowns.

And we’ve since learned how to make time for blissful orgasm-filled sessions that last an hour or more, leaving us feeling deeply connected and at peace with each other.

Of course, we’re not perfect and we’re always learning new things. But we do want to share all the goodness we discovered in the past five years so that you can live the marriage of your dreams while keeping God firmly at the center of your lives.

Jump straight into our resources to find actionable knowledge on:

… or check our #1 marriage solutions bundle “The Complete Lover” to get the marriage results you want today.

Believe in God’s sovereignty, trust in His salvation, and take action to make your marriage everything it can be. Shine as a beacon of hope to others in this fallen world!

Chris & Elizabeth Heart


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